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The One Cause Foundation’s mission is to bring a deep understanding, through Sensology based education, that humans are energetic developmental beings. The theory and practice of Sensology offers the mechanisms which facilitate the 13 Energetic and Developmental Stages of Humans. We provide education, on a donation basis, making energetic development available to all.

Our Story

The One Cause Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization established in 2014 by students of Human Energetic Development (Sensology). Each founding student's journey was unique, yet resulted in positive change of their human experience. The changes experienced by each student have been so far from anything experienced before, that each still struggles to put their experience into words. The core of their change emerged from a diligent study and practice of the 13 Energetic and Developmental Stages of Humans. Read our testimonials below for a glimpse into each student’s experience.

Our Aim

Our aim is to evolve the human genome through returning humans to their energetic development through providing:
  • Scholarship funds for individuals to attend classes at the Sensology Institute
  • Donation based classes through the One Cause
  • Articles, manuscripts, and informational videos
  • Scholarships for training teachers

Our Claim

Human Energetic Development (Sensology) takes humans beyond science, religion, self-help, philosophy, and new age enlightenment to develop their organized structures of human photon light in human body form. The photon light structures dictate our evolution and connect us across time and space to our point of origin.

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Check out our Energetic Development websites, each a fundamental part of Sensology, and accessible via the One Cause Scholarships.

If you are unfamiliar with the One Cause Foundation or want to learn more about Energetic Development, explore the Sensology.Institute and dive deeper with our institute and Sensology Sessions in the links above. All are welcome.

Kiera D. Laike, IRW

One Cause Foundation President

Kiera D. Laike, IRW, emerged from her profession in psychology to bring the world her knowing of humans as sensory developmental beings. Kiera dedicated 20 years of her career to provide cutting-edge treatment and innovative programs. She developed programs to overcome substance abuse, eating disorders, and trauma. These programs elevated Kiera to the top of that profession. Despite the treatment success of her clients, she longed for them to have more.

Kiera experienced a deep grief as she supervised therapists, witnessing limited temporary relief, and finding no mechanism to the whole of being. In response, Kiera developed Bio Self-Emergence, the 13 Energetic Stages of Humans, which evolved into her theory of Sensology. This theory encompasses a multi-level healing practice that embodies human energetic field communication with Earth, Sky, and ultimately the Universe.

In 1995, Kiera founded the Embodied Wellness Center (which became the Sensology Institute in 2013) offering Embodied sessions. These provide such a vast sensory development that clients receive healing for ailments such as anxiety, cancer, depression, autoimmune disorders, relationships, and more. Sessions awaken and heal each individual’s energetic sensory development at a cellular, biological and neurological level. Overtime, individuals learn how to live in functional oneness to renew and sustain physical, emotional and mental wellness through field transfer.

Teaching Embodied Practice, Pulse Practice, and training Certified Embodied Practitioners is Kiera’s passion. Kiera’s work has earned her the respect of her community and collaboration from top oncologists in Michigan.

Observing the level of despair and disillusionment in the spiritual self-help information market, Kiera’s heart led her to write Soul Orientation. In Soul Orientation, readers are taught to hear the vibratory language between Earth and Sky - over everyday pollution - so they can sense what is within themselves, others, and nature. Through sensing, readers develop the containers within the body in which their soul essence crystals forms. These crystals are the making of true connections.

Kiera has immense knowledge from a depth of experience in this life and the integration of past lives. She combines her knowledge, strength, compassion, and humility to help others heal their mechanism of connection to soul essence to live rewarding and embodied lives. Her longing is for Earth to dance in reflective relationship once again.


Listed below are just a few of our students who want to share their experiences with you....

My transformation through my work with the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans has so beautifully shifted who I am, giving me the ability to express through my soul essence. There’s a deep connection within me that creates a passionate relationship with The One Cause. The calling comes from essence, my inner being - pulsing - communicating and experiencing the whispers of my soul. My soul remembers and awakens me to my relationship with earth, the solar system, the galaxy, and our interrelatedness. The calm intensity takes hold within me and propels me in being a board member for The One Cause Foundation. I have never before witnessed such clarity and a homecoming to who I am and my relationship to others.
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As I pulse with The One Cause Foundation, I sense great love and care in every detail that has been placed in its development by Kiera D. Laike. With the One Cause, people will have an opportunity to grow and evolve and remember that we are sensing beings, ever becoming who we are.

I am privileged and honored to be working for the Sensology Institute assisting Kiera in transcribing lectures and teaching materials for the Embodied Practice Teacher’s Manual. This work alone is a small portion of all that Kiera has to offer. She has been gathering information for the evolution of humans since she was 25, focusing on this work selflessly for many years, never giving up, always with such deep insight and keen focus on bringing humans back into relationship.

This outstanding, dedicated women doesn’t stop here. Presently Kiera has started this non-profit, The One Cause Foundation, to establish the importance of the evolution of humans for the larger community. Kiera has taken on this huge task (along with running the Sensology Institute and numerous other things) and is devoting yet more of her time and effort to substantiate what people’s choices have brought us to, today, and the need for all of us to see it clearly. Kiera’s strong firsthand knowledge and the insight on all avenues of creation that she carries deep within her, help guide us as humans to make choices based on relationship with the flow and rhythm of the earth and universe.

I have never met anyone as beautiful and profound in reflective relationship as Kiera. I find the rich qualities that Kiera imparts is a support to every level of our being; she is loving, compassionate, caring, honest, selfless, never giving up, always there when you need her, and always giving. She ever helps us to emerge into who we are and who we are meant to be. I am blessed to be on this journey with Kiera and to stand at her side. I love you, Kiera Laike.

- Denise Bigelow CP, CET, Board Member of The One Cause Foundation

My soul commitment to The One Cause emerges out of my love and longing for humans to have, once again, our soul essence and the ability to transform any area of our lives. Energetic development gives us this ability. Through the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans, I have emerged able to sense, see and change the energetic origins of my health and life. I need less sleep, am calmer and get more done in a day. I am emerging with a deeper self-possession, able to hold my own space and energy, calm and grounded, in the face of whatever turmoil I encounter. These gifts are not mine to do with as I please: they call to be offered to others. I am grateful to do so, as a board member of The One Cause Foundation.
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I was teaching and editing at the Sensology Institute, when Kiera Laike, IRW, first proposed forming a non-profit at a staff meeting. Daunted with the quantity of work ahead of us, I thought, “Where would we find the time?” However, I have never known anyone who sees more accurately the origins of the human condition, or has more knowledge and ability heal it. No one I have ever known gives more selflessly to benefit humankind. So, I listened carefully.

I have been privileged to know and train under Kiera over 20 years and have witnessed her carrying the work of The One Cause, of energetic development, on her own. For 30 years she quietly developed her theory and practice of Sensology* until it was ready to culminate in what is today her book, Soul Orientation: The Dance of Reflective Relationship, three Embodied Teacher training programs, Sports Practice curriculum, dozens of published articles, and online programs and more. My job was to keep up.

When Kiera first proposed forming The One Cause, I knew she herself had done all she was asking us to do, and more. Over the decades she had donated tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to document the work (by writing Soul Orientation, hundreds of manuscripts, a half dozen Embodied Training manuals, the curriculum for Embodied and Sports practice programs, the online practices of the 13 Stages and Creation Circles and more.)

Sensology is not based on any established academic discipline, religion or philosophy and has never before been documented. It was critical, therefore, that The One Cause assist in documenting the work of Sensology and energetic development during Kiera's lifetime. This would create a larger framework in which to teach and document human energetic sensory development.

We, as a human race, have spent billions of dollars and countless hours on causes - causes fighting cancer, heart disease, bullying, social injustice and more - never getting to the energetic origins of the issue. I had witnessed the impact of energetic development in myself and others. I’ve seen families, corporations, countries and world situations improve. Thousands of Kiera’s clients and students of energetic development no longer have stage 3 or 4 cancer, brain imbalances, mental illnesses and more due to this work. Many of us felt a responsibility to make this available to all. It was time for energetic development, for The One Cause, and the gifts it brings, to be offered in the broadest way. My sense of overwhelm morphed into a knowing that now was the time. My soul essence is here to teach and offer the beauty of this work. I am honored to do so.

* The One Cause Foundation and the theory of Sensology understand humans as energetic, sensing, developmental beings. We are not born fully developed, rather we develop energetically, just as we develop for example, physically and cognitively. This work documents how human evolution and energetic development, having moved off track, has cascaded into our current human condition. This work cannot be understood with the cognitive brain alone. So allow the words and their energy to speak to you on a sensing level, as we learn to sense a new language, a new way of communication with our soul essence.

- Abbe J. Grossman, CPT, CET, Board Member of The One Cause Foundation

I am a double cancer survivor. December of 2008, I went to the emergency room at the hospital thinking I needed a muscle relaxer. I thought I pulled something trying to make the magic happen for Christmas. I was told that day I had multiple myeloma and breast cancer both fourth stage. I was in the hospital for 9 weeks. I was given less than a 1% chance to live and was told to put my affairs in order. A friend gifted Kiera to me while I was in the hospital. My family and I were holistically clean due to the challenges I have with my son. No gluten or sugar for 5 years.
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I thought I knew all there was to know about alternative and holistic medicine. Boy was I wrong!!! Once I was strong enough to physically see Kiera, I learned the truth. This is the work I have been searching for all my life. One Cause and the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans develops your sensing and develops your soul. Whatever you do in life it can't come from your mind or even your heart without developing your soul. I am so grateful to Kiera for all that she has done for me and my family and for the future. To know that my birthright, that had been taken away, is now being taught and I am learning how to heal myself and others.
In Deepest Reflection.

- Cindy Van Elslander, Board Member of The One Cause Foundation

I have struggled with the question of how to live my life and just be happy in today’s world. No matter what I did to create change in my life, I felt like I ended up in the same unhappy place. The 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans has helped me find my way. It has changed how I live my life and interact with people on a daily basis. I used to be “caught” in my head a lot. I was always thinking and analyzing everything that happened 24/7. I couldn’t stop thinking and relax and just “be” and experience life.
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Looking back I think this is how I thought I could manage any anxiety or issues that came up and it helped me to feel safe in the world. Through the daily 10-15 minute practice of the developmental stages I have noticed that this behavior has slowly changed over time. I’m now on my third time through the 13 stages. I am no longer “stuck” in my head. I feel that things in my life flow more. I find it easier to form connections with other people and create what I want in my life. It’s not a change that happens overnight but slowly you will find that your life is much better with the practice of the stages than without them.

I joined and support The One Cause because I now know human life is too hard without one’s energetic development. In addition I also believe human beings through their energetic development have an untapped potential of great joy through experience.

- Rachael Howe, Board Member of The One Cause Foundation

For as long as I can remember, I have had a knowing that everything and everyone is comprised of energy, that all humans and everything in this world is interrelated, and we as a species have nowhere near tapped into our potential. No religion or science could quench my thirst for a greater understanding of these truths.

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A friend of mine shared with me she had seen an energy worker who healed her physically, and helped her to understand and further her development as a person. It was because of a physical malady, a desire to learn more about myself, and to understand the energetic world that I made and appointment with Kiera Laike. Immediately upon meeting her, I knew there was so much to learn from Kiera.
With Kiera, I have been touched with a physical healing and so much more. I have come to know why I believe in certain truths, have learned to feed my soul, trust my sensing, and flourish in ways before unimaginable to me. It is through my study and practice with Kiera that I can clearly see the beauty and ugliness of our world, and how each of us needs to take responsibility for our growth and evolution as individuals and as humans.

Manmade illusions have choked us of our individual power; the power to heal ourselves, feel pure love, grow intellectually, to understand our connectedness, live fearlessly, and to know and respect our and each other’s soul’s purpose. It is my fervent belief that each of us must take back our power and live as we are intended to live. My commitment to this is why I continue to study with Kiera, and why I am affiliated with and support the education provided by The One Cause Foundation.

- Amy Parker, Officer of The One Cause Foundation

I have experienced changes and healing In my life through The 13 Energetic Developmental Stages, classes at Sensology Institute and healings from Kiera that are hard for me to describe in words. It is my soul's journey to support others that are searching for their unique energetic structures, that I now have. While searching for support 10 years ago through religion, self help books etc. to help me heal from some tragedies in my life, I met Kiera. I sensed something different about what she offered immediately.
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I have experienced changes and healing In my life through The 13 Energetic Developmental Stages, classes at Sensology Institute and healings from Kiera that are hard for me to describe in words. It is my soul's journey to support others that are searching for their unique energetic structures, that I now have. While searching for support 10 years ago through religion, self help books etc. to help me heal from some tragedies in my life, I met Kiera. I sensed something different about what she offered immediately. I asked for a brief healing she offered at the event I met her at and walked away feeling like a child that wanted to go skip through a field of flowers! When Kiera formed The One Cause Foundation in 2014 my soul essence knew I could meet others in reflective relationship as I had been, at that time one of my sons was critically ill, I was too busy with him. Thankfully in the beginning of 2016 my son had healed and I now had time to become a board member of The One Cause Foundation!! I am grateful to support The One Cause Foundation in providing education to all who desire to develop energetically!

- Sherry Middaugh, Board Member of The One Cause Foundation

I am here today to tell about my passion for the One Cause Foundation, which has led me to become a member on the board. I originally started coming to see Kiera Laike when I came down with a physical ailment. I had gone to every specialist trying to find a solution, but none of Doctors knew what was causing the problem. After seeing Kiera, I not only found the answer, but the cure.

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After attending a few sessions with her, I found out that there was alot more to her work than healing people. I have since learned that Human Beings, dating back to the begining of time have the ability to Energetically connect to the Earth and all the Elements. Being able to do something like this, is one of the most precious gifts anyone could ever receive. That is where the One Cause Foundation comes in, helping to raise money for student scholarships, research, and also to help provide people in need of healing. Ultimately to move forward in teaching people how to become Energetic Beings the way they were meant to be. Come witness it for yourself, its never to late.

-Sue Van Elslander, Board Member of The One Cause Foundation

I was raised in a Christian church but early on in life I sensed the contradictions of the faith I was raised in and the hypocrisies which I witnessed alienated me. However, I did sense that there was something to the notion of the “soul” which went beyond the lifetime of the human body and I began a spiritual search for meaning, later in my life. My journey took me to several different paths, however all were lacking in offering me the experience which I sought.
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I met Kiera Laike several years ago and began studying with her and receiving healings from her and ultimately committing myself to the Embodied practice of energetic development. This practice has reconnected me with my soul and has forged for me the path of evolvement of that soul essence within me. Through my work with Kiera and the healings offered by her both individually and through the practice I have experienced profound healings on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When I reflect on the past several years of my journey and how the Embodied practice has affected my “body, mind, and spirit”, I am in awe of the changes it has created within me. I have also had the pleasure of witnessing similar profound changes in others who are involved in the Practice.

I learned that we as human beings are out of sync with our natural birthrights and the natural order of the Milky Way Galaxy. It does not take much effort to see the evidence of that. The Embodied Practice essentially reconnects us to those very birthrights which we have lost, giving us back our skills and abilities on an energetic level, which set us back in Right Relationship with each other, as well as with every other living thing in our sphere of being. In the work we call this “Reflective Relationship” and it is an extraordinarily beautiful thing to participate in and to witness.

Kiera Laike has spent her entire life developing the practices which embody the awareness and teachings of humans as developmental energetic beings. This awareness, when put into practice, is such a beautiful and transformational experience it is at times beyond words. The dedication and compassion and love that Kiera brings to her work and the gifts that she offers, is incomparable. In a world of hypocrisy and untruths, her integrity truly stands out. She offers the opportunity to connect with the energetic skills and abilities which are our birthright, and which have been lost to us for a very long time.

On that note, Kiera’s decision to birth the One Cause Foundation was founded on her deep desire and commitment to expand the offerings of this awareness to a broader community. My decision to join the One Cause Foundation as a volunteer is founded on my own experience of the work and the developmental changes it has gifted me, and my desire to bring these gifts out into the world to assist as many of us with our evolution as possible. I am committed to participating in the dedicated efforts of the One Cause Community to offer these gifts to our fellow humans. It is the mission of the One Cause to bring these teachings and practices into the larger community so that we can come into balance and relationship with our soul essence and with each other.

- Christine Griffin, Member of The One Cause Foundation

My Name is Candace Bollon and I support The One Cause Foundation because it provides a way to educate and teach energetic development and what that means in terms of evolving the human race. Experiencing life as a child and not being provided the mechanisms needed to connect to my soul essence left me very confused about my existence and my purpose of being her, never truly connected to myself or my body. I always felt like I was inside looking out of a shell. As a child I was very much aware of the energies that were in and around me.

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I was around 5yrs of age when I experienced the ability to hold energy in my hands I would lay and marvel at the feeling of holding a very heavy boulder in both hands but yet there was no physical object in my hands. Around the age of 10-12 yrs old I was fully aware of other people’s energies and energies or entities without bodies, not having understanding or a way to protect myself made me very vulnerable and I lived in fear. At the age of 11 I was sexually abused by my stepfather which only enforced my knowing that I was not safe. Becoming a young adult I attended church searching for something, anything that I could apply to my life to achieve happiness and to fill this void I had within me and to mend my broken heart but I left the church with much discontent because it provided no answers to life that I so desperately needed and being aware of the energies or entities without bodies always played havoc on me up into my adult life. In 2007 I attended Kiera Laike’s Embodied Practice class and started to energetically develop. It was like the things that I knew and had been experiencing my whole life started making sense. Being able to connect to my energetic structures within my body provided the connection and communication to my soul essence in the center of my head and being in connection to earth communicating with earth and sky gave me a deeper sense of who I am. In this energetic flow we have the mechanisms needed to create energetic boundaries or a container, giving me control of what energies come into my space and what energy I let out. Always in communication with earth and sky I am able to own my space therefore keeping others from invading or intruding upon me. Having the ability to have an energetic container has given me a resting space a space where I feel safe and in communication I have come to understand my energy and the energy of those that try to invade or push in on me. I live a more content life because the container allows me to come into relationship with myself, earth, others, animals and the Universe giving me understanding to all aspects of life. Truly living and experiencing Life. Daily I walk The 13 Energetic Developing Stages of Humans gathering my soul essence from across time and space gathering and integrating my past life footprints filling the void inside of me mending and healing my brokenness. The stages have allowed me to heal deep within myself completely on a physical, emotional and soul level allowing me to develop my energetic structures being able to feel enough of my inner self to stand on my own and allowing me the ability to stand against those that would in often times use and abuse me allowing me to have much more healthier relationships. As I continue to gather I am awakened on a deep level to who we are as energetic sensing beings and how the stages support humans in our journey of evolving. My souls desire is to see all humans connected and communicating through their own soul essence developing safely awakening to their True Selves in communication with themselves, others, Earth, the animals being in reflective relationship and in synch with the universe ever evolving.

- Candace Bollon, Board Member of The One Cause Foundation